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How to gain access to CxO’s, even in difficult times

Getting to CxO’s has always been difficult, and covid 19 has made things worse. Traditional generic methods of approach just do not work, or even not available. Therefore, we have have developed a more systematic approach to help sellers achieve their goals. Please check out

Youd Andrews Programme Outcomes

In traditional sales training, a large volume of information is transferred in as short a period as possible. Industry research on ‘Retention’ shows that unless this information is quickly applied, recollection drops below 70% after 5 days; at that point salespeople lose confidence in using

Measuring Training Return on Investment

CONTEXT  Your company has made a commitment in time and money for training and one of the most difficult questions is how do you measure the return on this investment? In traditional sales training, a large volume of information is transferred in as short a period as

Wake Up Salespeople and do Your Homework!

The number of senior salespeople who fail to research their prospects in advance of a sales meeting is shocking. Forrester *research has shown that while 88% of sales executives are knowledgeable about their own products, only 24% of them understand their customer’s business and the challenges

How to Land the Big One – How Do You Land that Big Client?

On 15 January 2009, US Airways Flight 1549, piloted by Chesley Sullenberger, made an unpowered emergency landing in the Hudson River after multiple bird strikes caused both the engines to fail. All 155 occupants, the passengers and crew, were successfully evacuated from the partially submerged

Stop Weak Sales People From Hiding Behind The Jargon!

It’s not easy for sales people to get appointments with someone at Director Level within your prospective client’s organisation. When they do get that meeting, it’s vital that your sales people maximise every opportunity. Having spent time just getting there, the last thing you want

The Ice Breaker

How do you make the best impression and break the ice at the start of a meeting? All business conversations and activities are carried out between human beings and most human beings need, like, or enjoy some form of social interaction as part of the business