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The Ice Breaker

How do you make the best impression and break the ice at the start of a meeting? All business conversations and activities are carried out between human beings and most human beings need, like, or enjoy some form of social interaction as part of the business

Selling to Business Decision Makers

When you’re selling, you need to make sure that you have the right messages for the right people within a prospective customer organisation. All companies, whether public or private, have a similar organisational structure, consisting of three main pillars: ‘Go To Market’ (in the private sector) or

Selling The Value Proposition

Do your potential customers understand the limitations of their own business and why your propositions could add value to their business? Is your messaging easy to understand and memorable business speak, rather than ‘techno babble’? Will you make an impact such that customers remember your ‘value proposition’,

Using Success Stories

A success story shows how you made a difference to your customer’s business. More than a list of events or activities, it describes a positive change and shows how that change benefited the customer, not you, through improved financial results or widely understood key business