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Our People

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Formed in 1989 with the intent of bringing “Top Down” selling to the IT industry. Since then the YA teams have helped companies deliver in excess of $3B in additional revenue. Our core team has over 100 years of Sales & Marketing experience operating mostly at the C level, working for blue-chip organisations as Ford Motor Co, Rank Xerox and Yellow Pages. The Delivery of our programmes is done through either one of the Directors, or a small group of highly professional Delivery Managers who have been involved as CxO’s in our programmes for a number of years.

Joint Founder & Executive Director

Don Andrews

Don was a co-founder of the business and is now focused on winning new business.


Nick Harknett

Nick looks after a number of existing clients, and is responsible for the Marketing & Finance.


Neil Hollister

Neil looks after a number of existing clients, and is responsible for Operations.

Programme Co-ordinator

Natalie Cleathero

Natalie is responsible for developing the post program evaluation reports, and also runs some programs interfacing with our clients.

Finance and Administration Manager

Fiona Cooper

Fiona looks after all the financial matters so, if you need paying - chase her, if you haven't paid she will chase you!

Programme Co-ordinator

Emily Grant

Emily works in putting our programmes together, and working with our clients to ensure course participants receive the right documentation.

Training Delivery Manager

Jane Harrison

Jane runs the training delivery operation - building the business simulator programmes for Youd Andrews clients and providing a great service