The Business Simulator

It’s real play, It’s NOT role play.

Introducing the Business Simulator

The YA Business Simulator is a “unique” proposition that provides a learn-by-doing experience of selling to the C-Suite. Our high calibre CXO’s and coaching experts help your customer facing people have meaningful business discussions with C-Suite executives. Each simulator is designed to meet each client’s specific needs and can be delivered face-to-face or using virtual technologies. We offer the simulator experience in 7 languages and can adapt to different cultural requirements across the globe.

Programmes cater for between 20 to 30 people who work in teams of 5. Each team is supported by a manager from the client company who works with the team as a coach for the duration of the programme. If the client does not have the management resources to support this team coaching then YA can provide qualified coaches.



We offer 3 levels of Business Simulator

3 Levels Business Simulator

Level 1 “Basic CxO engagement”: ensuring that your customer facing people improve their relationship building skills and confidence in identifying business opportunities, developing value propositions and their ability to pitch to CxO’s.

Level 2 “Making a Business Impact” This gets your customer facing staff to think about “the art of the possible”. It tests in a safe environment how creative and bold they can be given a specific business scenario.

Level 3 “How to become a trusted advisor”-Arm your people with the required vertical or functional knowledge to become your target CxO’s trusted advisor. For example this can be done by business vertical, eg automotive, retail, etc, or do you want to deep dive with the CIO or CMO to get those deals?



Use the Business Simulator to practice your relationship building, discovery, value identification and winning proposition development and presentation skills with experienced C-Suite industry executives. Get valuable feedback from them, then go out and increase your sales.


Get honest, accurate, information on how your staff perform in having a business dialogue with C-Suite executives. Receive concrete data on how your team's sales approaches are received by CXO's in the real world.


See how your sales people in the field are turning corporate marketing messages into actual pitches and communicating brand values. How well have they understood and applied your brand values and business value propositions?


In many situations operational, architect, delivery or other support staff have access to C-Suite executives in their day to day activities. Are they prepared to have quality CXO conversations and maximise the opportunity for your business when they have airtime with your clients?

The Simulator Process

The process behind the Business Simulator is aligned to any B2B sales process and simulates multiple meetings with a team of CXO’s representing the Board of one of our case study companies. The learning process for participants follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act Kaizen improvement methodology.


Do your people prepare properly for meetings with CXO’s or are they wasting their and your clients’ valuable time?


Are your sales team missing opportunities by making the wrong impression to CXO’s at your sales prospects?


Use the Business Simulator coaching process to increase the performance of your salespeople by 10-15% in two days.


Do your marketing and your sales messages actually stop customers from buying you?


The starting point of the Business Simulator programme is to agree a specific business case to work to. We have 4 covering financial services, IT partners, public sector and the retail sector. We work with you to choose the most appropriate case for your needs.

As part of the preparation delegates are expected to undertake their own research on the chosen case to help them plan their campaign of activity in the Business Simulator. We provide a web site for the business with company overviews, investor relations documents and news items on the business and LinkedIn profiles on the CXO’s.  We also provide a background briefing document on the context for your company’s relationship with the business case.  The delegates are also offered virtual learning modules to take before the programme. These help the delegates to place themselves in the “shoes of the customer” and how to approach and plan a campaign whilst in the Business Simulator.

The final stage of preparation is to book the first meeting with one of the CXO’s. This is done by email through the PA to board of the case study business.


Once the preparation has been completed the teams enter the Business Simulator.

Over two days participants, working in teams of 4 to 5, undertake 8 to 10 “real play” business meetings with CXO’s. These last for approximately 30 minutes and allow the delegates the opportunity to develop relationships with different CXO’s from different business functions.

The meetings are used to identify business needs, priorities and opportunities while evolving participants’ personal and corporate elevator pitches.

As the meetings progress the teams develop their value proposition for the target customer.

The Business Simulator ends with a 20-minute board pitch where the team present their value proposition to the board.


After each CXO meeting a structured feedback process is used.

By rotation, members of the participant team observe the meeting with the coach. They provide feedback on how their colleagues performed against the objectives of the meeting. The CXO provides feedback on how the participants and the meeting content was perceived.

The CXO pulls together the feedback and documents this against a series of categories on the CEBA scale, and gives each individual a rating for the meeting.

This data driven approach allows the client to see how each individual/team is developing throughout the process, whilst also providing benchmarks across the different teams.

We check for:

  • Initial impact
  • Meeting structure
  • Personal and company elevator pitch
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Ability to deliver a value proposition
  • Business and financial acumen
  • Solution development
  • Ability to gain commitment
  • Closing skills


The Act part forms into 2 separate processes:

1. The individuals/teams

The teams get constant, constructive, feedback on how they are performing in the Business Simulator. They are coached on how to improve their performance throughout the process. Participants can apply learning immediately and also observe how colleagues behave in CXO meetings to reinforce key learning points.

2. The client

At the end of the Business Simulator we provide detailed information to the client. This covers individual and team performance and where the group overall have performed well or areas where the business might need to focus going forwards. This can be used to target where future investment might be best placed. The feedback is data driven so that the results can be fed back to individuals if that is what is desired and incorporated into their personal development plan.









If you’d like to know more about the Youd Andrews Business Simulator and how you can use it to improve the art of selling and the effectiveness of your sales people, contact us now.